Who we are

Seer Green Skippers, formed in May 2008, is a community club based at the Jubilee Hall, Seer Green, near Beaconsfield in Buckinghamshire. The club was formed to build on the skills already demonstrated by members of the school and to give a similar opportunity to all ages within the local community. We welcome new members of all ages (5+) and abilities.

In October 2006 the school received a visit from National Skipping Workshops, an organisation which promotes skipping as an inclusive activity in schools all over the UK. An explosion of interest, driven by a group of Year 5 girls, took place to the point that the school became one of the top competitive skipping schools in the UK.

We were very lucky that Laura Summers helped start up our club and coached and mentored our skippers to a very high standard. Although now retired from the sport, she was one of the most highly qualified and experienced coaches in the UK and a veteran of several European and World Championships. She had been skipping since the age of six and was a senior member of Jump Rope UK in Redditch.

The club is run and supervised by Andrea Branscombe with the help of the committee and our senior skippers. Tiffany, aged 21 (one of the original year 5 girls) and Georgia, aged 19, both from Seer Green, have competed for Team UK and have lots of experience in coaching younger skippers. Lara Liebenberg, aged 17, is also a member of the coaching group so that we are able to divide the skippers into small groups of similar ability.

The senior skippers also enjoy teaching and demonstrating their skills in schools and youth groups and generally “spreading the word”. Tiffany has recently started working for Skipping Workshops who promote skipping as a healthy form of exercise in schools throughout the UK.

Our coaching group, Lara, Tiffany and Georgia and the original line-up from 2008 with Laura Summers - can you spot them here?

Our Committee

Club Records

30 sec speed Tiffany Branscombe 89 20/11/2016 National Jump Rope Masters Championships, Bellshill, Scotland
30 sec double unders Tiffany Branscombe 87 24/07/2016 World Jump Rope Championships, Braga, Portugal (Pairs - Grand Finals)
3 min speed Tiffany Branscombe 423 21/07/2016 World Jump Rope Championships, Braga, Portugal